About This Law Firm

Robinson & Robinson LLP is an unusual small law firm. Small, as measured by the number of attorneys and the business practice orientation. Unusual, as measured by the academic backgrounds and legal practice experiences of its attorneys.

Robinson & Robinson LLP has only two attorneys.

One attorney graduated from Harvard Law School; the other, Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D. C. Neither grew up in Texas, but both got here as soon as they could.

Both earned their law degrees in 1982, joined the same Dallas, Texas law firm at the same time, met each other there, married, moved to Fort Worth, and raised two children.

The Harvard graduate, Stephen Robinson, has practiced law for nearly 30 years, the first 12 at large, nationally known law firms in Dallas and Fort Worth, at first as an associate and later as a partner. From the beginning, he worked in the corporate, securities and business departments of those firms, and now in small firm practice, he still concentrates in those areas.

Judy Robinson, the Georgetown graduate, began her practice by working at large, nationally known law firms, and now works part-time as an attorney primarily for real estate matters and part-time as administrator for the law firm.

In 1994 Stephen Robinson resigned from a large Dallas-based firm to start The Robinson Law Firm, which changed to Robinson & Bowden LLP from 1998 to 2004, and which since 2004 has been “Robinson & Robinson LLP.”

Today’s Robinson & Robinson LLP counsels business and commercial clients in structuring, organizing, and operating their affairs and resolving business problems.

This includes, for example, selecting an entity structure for a startup venture; organizing its capital structure (debt and equity); implementing governing agreements among owners; negotiating commercial contracts; and handling and resolving business disputes, internal and external, outside of litigation.

It also includes assisting other, often larger, law firms in business organization, transaction, and advisory matters, securities issues, and related matters, where those firms lack the needed expertise or experience in those matters or encounter conflicts with multiple clients.

And it also includes applying over a quarter century of hard-won knowledge and common sense to helping people find effective practical ways to unravel, resolve, and cure the little and the big business-related problems -- and develop and exploit the opportunities -- they encounter in the world of daily commerce.

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