New, Additional Twitter Account Started

We have a twitter account (@robinsonllp) which can be accessed easily by clicking on the Twitter icon at the bottom of any page of this site.

We use that twitter site to tweet stories relevant to our legal practice, as well as economic matters and some major current events, as well as post current comments about other similar matters.  For example, we like to tweet (or retweet) articles that we think will interest you about the Eurozone, domestic economic issues, legal developments in the US, governmental developments (US and TX, mostly), and the like.

All on the serious side and all related, in one way or another, to business law, which is what we engage in.

We have posted hundreds of tweets about those kinds of matters over the past few months.

Every week, however, we come across other stories, tweets, blogs and posts that we find especially interesting and think you also might find intriguing, informative, educational or entertaining, but which do not fall within the scope of the categories of matters we want to focus our main twitter account on.

Some of those items are just really interesting developments in science, or odd human interest stories, or just funny.

So we started a new Twitter account — in addition to our REAL account, which will remain the ONLY account you access when you click on the Twitter icon found on every page of this website — under the Twitter name "robinsonllpXTRA" because it is something extra.

Hope you will take a look at it once in a while.

Because @robinsonllpXTRA isn't linked to this site — and I don't think at this time that we will link it — I may from time to time repeat something about it here on the blog, on our Facebook account, or our main Twitter account.

Please visit "robinsonllpXTRA" on Twitter from time to time, just for fun, to kill some time, or to see what we find interesting outside of law practice.

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