How Bush v Gore can Haunt 2012 — a Postscript

At least one paragraph from my blog series over the past three days is relevant today:

First, if the 2012 election is NOT extremely close, then Bush v Gore just will not matter.  So what if 500, or 5000, or even 50,000 disputed ballots are cast in a state, if the preliminary vote difference between the major candidates is, respectively, 600 or 6000 or 60,000?  So what if the electors in three states having an aggregate of 26 electoral votes are disputable, if, disregarding those states, the leading candidate has amassed 300 electoral votes from other states?  In either scenario, the race has been determined, and the outcome of the votes in those questionable states will not affect the result of the election, and courts likely will just dismiss suits brought to contest those inconsequential contests.

And that is exactly what happened: Justice Roberts, especially, and all of the other members of the US Supreme Court, as well as many other courts throughout the US, can breathe a little easier, because this election year, the people, not the courts, selected the President of the United States.

And whether you voted for Obama, or Romney, or any other candidate, you and I have to be satisfied with and grateful for that.

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